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NV-01 is a premium large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone designed to get the best results out of your recordings. Its smart design permits flexible and unobtrusive positioning. The gold-plated diaphragm assures low self-noise, high output, and the accurate reproduction of even the subtlest sound, especially in the high-frequency range, not easily reproduced by conventional microphones.
It offers 3 different polar patterns to work with, sound engineers can experiment the different output provided by each one of them.


SKU: NV-01
    • 3-way switch to change the polar response of the micropone (Cardioid / Figure 8 / Omni)
    • High-pass filter and -10dB pad 
    • Built-in noise reduction circuit, low self noise, handling of high SPL
    • Combination of acoustic design, high sensitivity and low distortion 
    • Realized using ultra-resistant materials, strong and durable
    • Standard XLR connection; 48V phantom power supply
    • Comes in stylish wood case