Via IV Novembre, Soncino (CR), Italy

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Cinematic Sound Studio rock their soundtracks with NV-01 from NOVE Microphones

December 22nd 2019

Cinematic Sound Studio is a London based recording, mixing and mastering  studio active in the media production business for the music industry and the film industry, home base of the award winning producer, composer and engineer Daniel Kapuscinski, who gave his personal opinion about NOVE Microphones and the great performance of the NV-01 in the studio, where the microphone was plugged into an SSL Duality for recording vocals and acoustic guitar:

"I must say, the quality of the recording was outstanding. Vocal recording was clean and free from any noise, ready for editing and mixing. The acoustic guitar was captured clearly and the sound was transparent, we choose figure 8 polar pattern in MS configuration for recording the guitar, which added more natural room ambiance, I was amazed with the final result. This microphone definitely is worth investment. I am sure, if this mic sound outstanding on vocals and guitars, also will be great on grand piano, drum overheads, strings, winds instruments and much more"