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Professional Microphones

NOVE is an Italian brand of microphones launched in September 2018 with the goal of redefining and reshaping the audio recording industry and the audio recording experience. Behind NOVE is a group of young, motivated, and dedicated minds who have come together to manufacture the best microphone usage experience. Our collective love for music and the feel-good sensation of an amazing quality sound drives us. We are engineers, we are musicians, and we are technicians; it is the combination of such geniuses that creates the NOVE effect. What is the NOVE effect? Test out any of our products and you’ll know why our solutions deserve a separate recognition.

Recording microphone

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize your performance. At NOVE Microphones, our goal is to provide the best possible service to our clients, no matter if the client is an individual seeking greatness or a big company looking for excellence in its recording studios, we cover them all. Through delivering on our promise of manufacturing superior microphones, our long-term vision is to excel within the entire recording microphone division and the professional audio industry.

Large diaphragm microphone capsule

Design and Technology

Our team works hard optimizing functionalities while maximizing the recording outcomes, the goal is to design state-of-the-art microphones suitable for different applications, from vocals to drums, from strings to guitars, and other acoustic instruments. Through extensive research and acquisition of the latest technology, we make good on our promises. We use top quality resources and materials to manufacture our microphones, inspecting every aspect of the production. The capsules go through numerous tests, we make sure they exceed the highest standards. The result is reflected on the products offered by NOVE Microphones, which not only have a stunning design but ensure durability and reliability over time.

Microphones for vocals

about the products

We currently have two models; NV-01 and NV-02. Details of the models are listed in the “products” section of our website, but to give you all a glimpse the 2 models are large-diaphragm condenser microphones incorporating a 34mm gold plated capsule.
The circuit design follows the rules of iconic models that are integral to the history of microphones. Transformer and transformerless microphone solutions are available in order to meet the taste of all sound engineers and audio experts who will find in NOVE microphones warm and modern sonic characteristics.

Aesthetic design doesn't come last. Being Italians, we want to “dress” technology with design, elevating the concept of “hand-made” and craftsmanship. NOVE microphones don’t just sound great, they are also elegant.


Creating Value for The Customer

Another area we greatly excel in is providing customers value for their money. We live in competitive and tough times, and if your business is not able to gain the best possible cost-effective resources, the chances of your business succeeding is slim. Therefore, NOVE Microphones hits two birds with one stone by providing a microphone which is both exquisite and available at an affordable price, helping you and your business succeed. With NOVE you don't pay the brand, you pay for what you actually get

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instant delivery

NOVE microphones also value your time and effort, therefore, we ensure a hassle-free delivery of your orders in the quickest possible time. Our commitment to our customers is clear because our customer support chat is online 24/7 so that our team can answer all of your queries in an instant.
Our team at NOVE has also kept free shipping for all orders from EU. For international orders and any further queries email us and also check our social media platforms for further updates.