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Francesco Matano and Riccardo Anelli - Musicaperilcervello

NOVE Microphones is honoured to have Musicaperilcervello onboard and part of the family!

Musicaperilcervello is the largest music production center in the Bergamo area. Located in the famous city of Caravaggio (hometown of the famous artist Michelangelo Merisi) it has a recording studio consisting of 3 rooms entirely dedicated to recording, mixing and music production plus 4 other rehearsal rooms for local bands. The studio is designed to offer first-calss services to produce music; nowadays artists and bands need to develop their product in a highly professional manner in line with the standards of the modern market.
Musicaperilcervello is not only a professional music production centre but also home of a school of music with classes spanning from vocal coaching to sound engineering.
The recording studio and the rehearsal rooms are extremely well equipped with excellent tools and instruments, including a set from NOVE Microphones including an NV-01 and an NV-02.

The business is operated by two experts in the field, Francesco Matano and Ricky Anelli, both have in common a true passion for music with the first more focused on the engineering side of things and the second more pronounced on the artist point of view and production.

Working with Francesco and Ricky at Musicaperilcervello will surely get you the best results.

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The first time I tried the NV-01 was on Vocals. I was astonished.
I have several mics in my set but definetely NV-01 deserves its place there, it's a beautiful mic that sounds good not only on vocals but also on drums as overhead or as ambient mic. The most interesting thing about this mic is how it handles the high frequencies, it's open but not intrusive or fizzy just like other modern mics.

It definetely worth the money.

Francesco Matano, Musicaperilcervello