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Daniel and Letitia Kapuscinski - IMW Studios

Looking for a one-stop shop for music production, recording, mixing, mastering in London? Daniel and Letitia can help you out in their well equipped production facility

Daniel Kapuscinski and Letitia Kapuscinska are both based in London. Their music is melancholy, haunting, organic, uplifting, refreshing, transcendent, rich, vibrant, and original. Currently, Daniel has completed film scores for the multi-award-winning feature films Return Of The Don (2016) which is set to release in cinemas this November within the UK and Gatwick Gangsters (2016) set to release in 2018 December worldwide.

Daniel composes film-scores and produces for artists, media companies, film productions, websites, and trailers, he is also into sound design. Letitia is a songwriter, artist, music director, model, and actress. What set's them apart from everyone else is the way they work in unity together in the same direction on the same page with an understanding of each other’s angle of the music industry, due to their varying roles.

Their career highlights reached top positions in charts (2014), Award nominee Best female act Locally (2015), Best Sound Department For Feature (2016), Best Female Act Nominee, Beffta (2016), Best Female Model Nominee, CA Awards (2016), Best Upcoming Artist Winner ,CA Awards (2016)

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Daniel Kapuscinski